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Help Support our cause

We are dedicated to our mission of  impacting service horses naturally and need your help to do so. Since we are a non-profit, donations fuel our journey and help service / therapeutic horses get the care they deserve.

Passionate about what we do

It's been a remarkable year so far, and our Horse Thrive Team has experienced fantastic results on behalf of the organizations we serve.  As advocates in the Equine industry our rewards are simply found in the eyes and hearts of the horses we've supported.  Our team has witnessed the growing interest and mindset shift of people seeking knowledge and gathering new information to best help their equine partners.  We are encouraged by their willingness to ask probing questions, absorb answers, and try different methods of care.  Their efforts have opened-up new options for finding the best solutions, and realize the old ways of approaching things aren't always the best ways.   Each of these programs we serve has utilized Horse Thrive's knowledge and experience to find the top solutions for their service partners.  


We are honored to share some of our success stories of happy horses and these evolving programs.  We hope it will inspire and empower others to realize the health of their horses lies within each of us.

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