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Impacting Service Horses Naturally


The Big Picture

We are a registered non-profit ready to help.

For us, the big picture looks at not only your horse but everything that goes into your horse and vital to their wellbeing. Feed, hay, water, vet care, training, trim schedules, even down to the record keeping of
all of your horses. Most people look at the horses and their barn from just one small aspect.

After years of being around horses and other therapeutic/working horse barns we have seen what
works, and what doesn’t work. As a result, the organizations that heed our advice thrive (No pun

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Principally Driven

Dedicated to you, your herd, and the mission.

All foundations need principles to drive them. Here at Horse Thrive our principles are based off of
keeping therapeutic and working horses as natural as possible. As a result, these horses end up being
happier and healthier. By keeping your horses as natural as possible you are also helping to make your
volunteers, riders, and your barn as a whole safer.

When’s the last time you asked yourself why you do the things that you do when it comes to horse care?
Maybe you’ve never asked yourself that until now. It all starts with you making the decision to change.
Stop doing the same things with horse care over and over again and expecting a different result with
your horses. Give your barn the tools that it needs to thrive like never before.


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